City Car Bazar & Rentals is one of the fastest growing business firms and the pioneer in car bazar and rental business in Mizoram. It is owned by Mr.C.Zarzoliana and he have manage his own business. It is a registered firm bearing a Registration No. 01/MZ/CROL/2009 under the Department of Transport, Govt of Mizoram, having Office and Showroom at A-23 Upper Republic, Aizawl which is the capital of the city. There are 31 persons working under City Car Bazar & Rentals as Office Staff, Drivers and Mechanic.

The Proprietor

The Proprietor of City Car Bazar & Rentals, Aizawl, Mr.C.Zarzoliana (Zartea) is a visionary and hardworking man who hails from Keitum village in Serchhip District, Mizoram. After completion of matriculation from Govt. Keitum High School, he graduated from Govt.Aizawl College,Aizawl. Machana was brought up from a poor village family, and didn’t get enough support throughout his studies from his family. So, during his college days, he supported himself financially in his studies with any kind of laborious works available. Since then, he aims to become someone big in the future and has high ambitions and targets. His will to success in life drives him to be tough and strong, and gives him much confidence and determination.

Due to his hard work and persistence, he is now one of the most reliable businessmen among Mizos and built good relationships with Politicians Govt. Officials, another businessmen, NGOs and prominent citizens. Some of the Ministers and MLAs even including the present Chief Minister are his close friends who availed his help financially and by way of providing vehicles during their campaign for election.

He knows his business very well and the strategy for its promotion. He is honest by nature.He always kept in mind that a businessman should be mentally and physically healthy for a long term business set-up. He takes care of his business. He is also excellent in Public Relation and his strict discipline in his firm let him rise up above the average level in the society.