Excellent track records for managing and providing transport solutions and services for prestigious national events includes

            Official Transportation for North Eastern Council Meeting 2007.

We arrange 100 cars for the occasion.

            Official Transportation for International gospel band Petra Concert in Mizoram, 2006.

            Official Transportation for Smokie band in Mizoram 2007.

            Official Trannsportation for Sonia Gandhi  on her vist to Mizoram,2009.

            We arrange 50 cars for transportation of Chinese Delegates on their visit to Mizoram 2008.

            The Union Ministers of India have used our cars regularly on their visit.

            Official Transportation for Indian Idol 2009 Sourabhi Debarma on her visit to Mizoram.

            Tourist from different countries like Switzerland, Japan, China, USA, Sweden, United Kingdom, Texas, etc have rented our cars for their transportation.

            Official Transportation for  President of India on his visit to Mizoram, 2010.

            Official Transportation for  Vice-President of India.

As we have stated earlier, City Car Bazar & Rentals has bought about changes in the used car bazaar and car rental industry in Mizoram. Before City Car Bazar & Rentals started its business, there had been lots of problems in purchasing used cars. There were many people who were in need of vehicle fo convenience in their works , but didn’t have financial soundness to purchase brand new cars. After City Car Bazar & Rentals came into existence, it provides better opportunity for those who are in need of low budget vehicles, and for those who wants to sell their own cars.

In the rental industry, there have been many changes. Officials from other states and the Central Government frequently visited Mizoram, and in such a situation, it is not proper to provide taxi only, but luxury executive cars, the State Government always had problems because of inadequate numbers of vehicles of its own. So, City Car Bazar & Rentals has always lent a helping hand to the state government by providing required vehicles on rental basis while the latter is in need of Individuals, NGOs and Tourist from other states and foreign countries are also benefited from this services. There are many remote villages where it is difficult for taxi to reach because of bad road condition; City Car Bazar & Rentals extended its service for the needy in such a situation. Moreover, those individuals, NGOs and tourist always preferred hiring luxury cars. Sometimes, we even provided transport free of cost for those who are in a critical situation.

Therefore, we cannot leave out the convenience for the whole society in used car bazaar and rental service provided by  City Car Bazar & Rental as one of our Achievements.